Hawaiians Blog on Quake

I went searching for bloggers in Hawaii in the wake of today’s earthquake. After a search on Feedster’s blog-search tool failed to immediately yield any results, I went to Technorati’s blog-search tool and found a few moderately interesting posts. (Many people apparently don’t have power, so blogging isn’t a simple undertaking.) A woman named Sharon declared her family safe with a dispatch that began: “Shake, rattle and roll, baby!” She went on to say, “I didn’t realize how serious it was until people who have been through them before said they never felt one like this!”

Another blogger says “books were falling, papers and files sliding, bulletin boards falling, copier and printers shifting to the side and you wondered if they would bounce all the way off.” The blogger, who added that “my doggie Patty was shaking and stayed under my desk,” has the pictures to prove it.

The quake, which registered 6.6, is the biggest to hit the Hawaiian islands since 1983, according to a New York Times report. Many injuries have been reported, but no deaths. I’ve been trying to see what the Honolulu papers’ Web sites are saying, but I’m having trouble getting on them. They’re no doubt being flooded with traffic. The NBC television affiliate in Honolulu, KHNL/Channel 8, posted a note at the top of its Web site asking users to “email us your pictures of the damage.”

Meanwhile, another blogger, who doesn’t live in Hawaii and whom I won’t link to, takes time to assert that CNN weatherman Rob Marciano is the “hottest weatherman to hit the news.”


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