Oversee.net Is Domain Giant

Oversee.net, a closely held Internet marketing company based in Los Angeles, has been buying up the portfolios of domain investors. It now has a whopping 500,000 domains, a figure first reported in this New York Times article. That would put the six-year-old company in the very upper echelon of domain-portfolio owners in terms of size. See the chart of big domain owners I’m in the midst of compiling below … It should be noted that Oversee does a lot of things, including search-engine optimization and domain “monetization” for clients. In the latter effort, it acts as a middleman between domain owners and Web-advertising giants like Google and Yahoo, steering ads sold by the giants to the domain owners’ sites and then divvying up the revenue three ways. The company’s annual revenue now tops $100 million, and it is reportedly getting a lot of attention from investors. However, the company has not taken outside capital yet and has been able to grow rapidly on its own. Oversee’s domains include Degrees.com, DreamVacations.com, Low.com and CareerSeeker.com.

Here’s my work-in-progress list of big domain owners (This list is not complete because many domain owners are individuals or privately held businesses that don’t publish their size):

  • NameMedia/BuyDomains.com, 675,000
  • Dark Blue Sea Ltd., 545,000
  • Oversee.net, 500,000
  • Internet REIT, more than 400,000
  • Name Administration Inc. BVI, 350,000
  • Marchex Inc., more than 200,000

Sources: Company Web sites, investor presentations, interviews


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