Sale Tied For 5th Biggest Ever

This month’s sale of for $3 million appears to tie for the fifth-biggest publicly reported sale of a domain name in history. In the dot-com boom, and each sold for $3 million. Earlier this year, sold for $7.5 million, putting it in the No. 1 spot. It tied, which sold in 1999, for that honor. However, the deal involved stock, and the purchase price actually didn’t come to $7.5 million in the end, as discussed in this Newsweek piece by technology writer Steven Levy. Below is a list of the 10 biggest domain sales in history that have been publicly reported either at, in news reports or in books. Most domain-name sales happen privately, so these sales only provide a sampling of activity in the marketplace.

10 Biggest Reported Sales of Domain Names, $7.5 million, 2006;, $7.5 million, 1999*, $5 million, 2000, $3.35 million, 1998, $3 million, 2006;, $3 million, 2000;, $3 million, 1999, $2.75 million, 2004, $2.2 million, 1999, $2 million, 1999

* Based on stock valuation at the time; deal ultimately worth less


1 Response to “ Sale Tied For 5th Biggest Ever”

  1. 1 Ben December 28, 2006 at 12:48 am

    Hi David,

    I’ve subscribed to your blog it looks good.

    Interesting insight into the transaction. We have participated in a number of seven figure domain transactions as both buyers and sellers of generic domains. I think Jesse, who recently started a blog and just talked about the history behind his acquisition of, will be talking in more detail in future posts on about generic domain and generic domain branded companies he has invested in. You may want to watch for it.

    We’re based in Ontario, Canada, and I can throw out a transaction for you that was not on your list that would tie for second place – a few years back in 1999 neighbors of ours in Ottawa, HCC, paid $5 million (USD) for The purpose of the domain acquisition was to rebrand “Hardware Computing Canada”.

    BTW, link to the story is here:

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