Tandberg.com Cracks Top 15 of All-Time Domain Sales

I finally got around to checking DNJournal.com’s list of the top domain sales of 2007, now already two months old. Tandberg.com is the biggest publicly reported sale of the year, fetching $1.5 million in a private deal. The buyer and seller apparently are both Norwegian companies. According to my running list of the biggest reported domain sales in history, Tandberg.com ties Cameras.com, which sold at the live auction at the Traffic East domain conference last October, for 11th all time. Keep in mind that most domain sales are not publicly disclosed for reasons of privacy or competition. The sources for my list are DNJournal.com, which closely tracks the domain market, and published reports in newspapers and books. Here it is:

Name, Price
diamond.com, $7,500,000
business.com, $7,500,000
korea.com, $5,000,000
altavista.com, $3,350,000
vodka.com, $3,000,000
loans.com, $3,000,000
wine.com, $3,000,000
creditcards.com, $2,750,000
autos.com, $2,200,000
express.com, $2,000,000
cameras.com, $1,500,000
tandberg.com, $1,500,000
men.com, $1,300,000
bingo.com, $1,100,000
wallstreet.com, $1,030,000
fish.com, $1,020,000
if.com, $1,000,000
beauty.cc, $1,000,000
linux.com, $1,000,000
websites.com, $975,000


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