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International Sales Available

Good news for all those living outside the U.S. wanting to order The Domain Game. Starting July 1, the book will be available in paperback from The price is UK£9.99 (approx $19.50) and the publishers will airmail the book anywhere in Europe for £3.95 and the rest of the world for £4.95 (approx $9.65). UK postage is £2.95. To be notified as soon as the book is available please send an email to (Update 6/29: You can now order the book at


Book Seller Back In Action

Whew. Xlibris, the print-on-demand publishing firm I used to publish The Domain Game, has fixed the problem with its online-ordering system and you can now order directly through the Web site, rather than calling customer service. For those of you placing orders from outside the U.S., I soon will have a new option for you, as Xlibris doesn’t appear to allow international orders via its Web site, and I’ve been told shipping and handling fees overseas are very high. Stay tuned. I know many of you who have expressed interest in my book have been concerned about these issues. Thanks for your patience.